Restoration and Reclamation
Restoration of the facility is underway, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the many volunteers, employees of White North and Western Reserve Land Conservancy, White North Board members and the extreme generosity of our donors.

The art of bringing this jewel back to its original splendor is proving to be  a labor of love and artistry, as each new project unfolds another interesting twist.    Much care has been taken to maintain and rekindle the historic integrity of the facility as well as  enhance its current charm with more modern amenities.
The enormity of the project is vast, including restoration of the hallways, atrium, thresholds, fencing, windows, arena roof, tackrooms and feedroom, windows, and more.  The orchestration of such a large undertaking is the joy of our farm manager Tracy Baker, and contractor JP Compass.    They have been able to keep our business running smoothly while successfully completing construction deadlines, and keeping everyone (equines included) safe. 

Of course, with all major projects there are a few unexpected turns of events.   Several buildings on site will have to be torn down as they are beyond repair, and present safety issues.   One of these will sadly be the demolition of our current offices, housed in the cottage adjacent to the barn.  It was determined to be unsalvageable due to mold content, and structural problems.  Also on the block are the garages which are  structurally unsound, and the old dog kennel.  The proposed plan will be to construct new garages on the current kennel site, as well as placing an office and viewing room addition onto the back of the arena.   

Take a moment to check out the photos of the ongoing construction and amazing transformation of this historic place!   The improvements are absolutely stunning.  It is such a gift to see this treasure begin to show us its true sparkle.  From repairing the crumbling plaster halls with tongue in groove to replacing cobblestone in the floor, no detail is going unnoticed.  Upgraded electrical, exit signs, and painting that will be consistent with the original colors is all contributing to the facelift.  We jokingly say we are installing skylights as the rotted boards from the roof are removed one by one, and no one can miss the extraordinary change in the wash racks with two safety lights, new plumbing, waterproof walls, and yes, real cross ties!  One can only imagine what a feat it was to construct such a complex in the early 1900s, and it is our hope that we are bringing some of its original glory back to life.  Thank you again to all the generous donors without whom none of this could take place.  If you are interested in contributing to the capital campaign to further the restoration of this historic site, please contact the farm at 440-247-2315 or the Western Reserve Land Conservancy.
Barn front during hallway renovationBarn frontatrium looking out to drivewayatrium looking into arena after renovation sans paintAtrium and hallway partially completeatrium and hall complete sans paintOffice and grooms quarters that will be torn downOfficeWash rackRestoring hallwayHallway after restoration sans paintArena roof beforeNow this is a biiiiig project. Arena RoofMore arena roofRecovered slate from arena roofThese trees had to be removed because they were rotting the roof and breaking the drain tilesStripping and painting ceiling in barn aisle